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Only Kindness Matters


Life is hard, right? We all have our problems, we all have things to deal with, we are all fighting a battle and the least we can do for each other is being kind.

However, kindness is the last thing that crosses our mind, because it’s easier to put down, to find fault, to denigrate and to make the other person feel unworthy.

One of the most devastating experiences for the human soul is being bullied. It’s traumatic when you are young and in school, but it’s probably worse when you are a adult and you’re being harassed at your workplace by your boss.

Sometimes bosses go around acting  like minor gods, with that horrible attitude of “superiority”and treating others as their personal slaves.

Lately I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories of people, young and old, being emotionally abused at their workplace, and it gets me so upset. I also feel powerless and sad, very very sad.

Bullying is on the top of the list of “things I hate”, but how can we fight it? What can one person do to un-right the wrongs, to give a voice to those who are being bullied and restore dignity at the workplace?

I guess we can create awareness and we can definitely start a kindness revolution! It starts at home, remember?


“Always try to be a little kinder than is necessary” James Barrie



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I hope you are following Humans of New York‘s FB page. Brandon through his photos is telling the dramatic stories of the refugees that are arriving in Europe. This is what he says about it:

“For the next several days, I’m going to be sharing stories from refugees who are currently making their way across Europe. Additionally, I’ll be spotlighting some of the people who are attempting to help facilitate their immigration and asylum. Together, these migrants are part of one of the largest population movements in modern history. But their stories are composed of unique and singular tragedies. In the midst of the current ‘migrant crisis,’ there are millions of different reasons for leaving home. And there are millions of different hardships that refugees face as they search for a new home. Since the situation is constantly shifting, I’m still not sure of all my destinations. But over the next ten days or so, I hope to share as many of these stories as I can find.”

There are stories of hardship, of tragedy and loss but also of hope and human kindness!

I said I wanted to help and I mean it, but I live far away from where the refugees pass through; I haven’t seen any since they started coming. But since kindness begins at home my sister Vanessa and I are looking for ways to help the less fortunate in our community. We visit the girls at the foster home, we take clothes to the family of four whose father is without a job, we lend our textbooks to students so they don’t have to buy their own, we are on the lookout for ways to help and be a blessing to others.

Take some time to check out Humans of New York’s page, it’s truly inspirational. Let’s spread the love!

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News channels keep talking about the refugee crisis that’s taking place in Europe at the moment. Thousands of refugees arrive each day facing all sorts of dangers and difficulties on their journey.

They carry their children, their sick friends (I heard the story of a man who lost his wheelchair along the way and he is being carried by two friends), and their few possessions and they walk across the fields, on the train tracks, under the sun, under the rain, tired, hungry and weary.

The journey is long, the obstacles many and they’re often greeted with hostility by local authorities and civilians. I’m sure you’ve heard about a certain camera-woman who tripped the poor man who was carrying his son causing them to fall to the ground. I was appalled when I saw it!

But that’s just one side of what’s going on in Hungary. My friend Peti on his FB page shared a whole photo album of kindness being done to the refugees, with food and water, the many volunteers, and the response of happy children. The media unfortunately doesn’t show that side of Hungary, which happens to be a welcoming nation; I know because I lived there for 5 years.

There are a lot of different organizations helping out, some are big like UNHCR and others are grass-roots small organizations like my friends over at “Love Is The Answer” who have been working in Hungary and Romania for the past 20 years and are of course, assisting the refugees that are camping out at the Keleti train station.

Small deeds of kindness, a pair of shoes, a smile, a comforting word; these are the things that help make the world a little brighter! These are the stories that should be shared! I’m sharing it here to spread the word!



“We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

If you are looking for a way to help but don’t know how or where to start please contact the team at “Love is the Answer” in Budapest, Hungary. 

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