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When I first started night school three years ago I hoped it would allow me to meet people that worked in the social field and perhaps it would open doors for new experiences and opportunities.
Besides making friends with some of my classmates and going to a lot of conferences and seminars I got to meet and work with three different organizations that have been important in my professional life.

After-School Project for disadvanted children: I met a group of volunteers that work with families of low resources and disadvanted situations, who put together an after-school project to help the children with their homework and provide a safe environment where they can do sports and extra-curricular activities for free.

Foster Home: through a school project I was an intern for a week at a local foster home for minors that come from broken-down homes. Although the project itself was only a week long I kept in touch with them and go visit the girls every once in a while. When school is over I’m hoping to start a knitting class with them.

Italian Language Course for Foreign Women: this has been the most gratifying projects I’ve been involved in lately as well as the most challenging one. I met the lady in charge and offered to volunteer, I’ve actually never been involved in an educational program for adults before, I usually work with children and teenagers, so this has been a unique and learning experience for me as well.

Networking is so important, they say it’s not about who you know but knows you! And making personal contact with people from all walks of life only helps make one’s life richer.



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