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Yes! Everything has changed since becoming a mom. I have almost no free time, can other mothers relate?

Lorenzo is doing great, he’s a funny, curious, quiet little boy. He’s loves books, coloring (that includes the wall), music, tractors and sticks.

He’s independent and likes to do whatever mommy and daddy are doing, so if mommy is sweeping the floor he wants to sweep too, if mommy is hanging the laundry he wants to help, if daddy is fixing something Lorenzo will want to participate.

He says a few words, mostly in English, some in Italian and a few in Spanish. He loves both sets of grandparents and he never cries when I have to go to work and I leave him with his grandmother (either one).

He loves pasta, pizza, cheese, potatoes, tuna, apples, tangerines and peanuts.

He likes playing outside but it’s been hard to get him to wear a jacket and a hat. He likes dogs, cats and likes to feed the chickens.

Here are a few photos:




As you can see, everything has changed…for the better!


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