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I just remember something funny that happened when Loris and I started dating. At the time it made me laugh, so I’ll share it with you.

We would text each other a lot, a one-phrase-text just to say hi and to send each other little emoticons. Sometimes I would end my texts with xoxo. 

After a while Loris asked me shyly “What does xoxo mean? Sometimes you write it and I have no idea what you’re trying to say.”

I felt a little stupid. I didn’t even stop to think that in Italian it has no meaning whatsoever. The only thing Loris could think of was how the clothes that are extra large have a double x followed by an L (XXL) but he couldn’t figure out why I was talking about extra large anything and he sure didn’t get why the x’s were followed by 0’s.

I told him what xoxo means and now he sometimes will use it when he sends me a text but it’s funny to picture him trying to decipher the secret code.

It’s interesting how some expressions are not at all known in other languages; for instance OK  is used all over the world but now I know xoxo is definitely not!



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